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Toute by Maisonette 1977

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TOUTE by maisonette 1977
TOUTE by maisonette 1977 TOUTE by Maisonette 1977 started as a gift bag for Maisonette 1977's debut at New York Fashion Week in 2011, when Hong Kong born New York designer, Jane Ibrahim, wanted to provide her own signature version of what's become a staple for the women of New York City--the tote. Jane's inspiration for the tote was the busy lifestyle of women in a walking city like New York, where they don't want to sacrifice carrying their cherished fashion purse for the practicality of a large duffel or backpack, but at the same time, having to carry the day with them. What we see is women carrying a second bag, a tote. Most of the time, the totes are rather nondescript and utilitarian. Other times, they are just cumbersome. Jane wanted to give a touch of fashion to these everyday, second bags; just enough so they don't outshine your purse, but enough so they can go out alone as well. The design is simple, practical and stylish. The U-shaped armhole provides a comfortable way to carry the tote over the shoulder. By making totes stylish and comfortable, we hope they become less of a throw away item.
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The Wine TOUTE

Our Wine TOUTE is the perfect outfit for your special wine. It is great for any occasions. You can carry your wine to your dinner in our Wine TOUTE or as a gift. It will sparkle your night.

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